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-Felicissima Venere-

-filia ardoris, filia cupiditatis, filia tempestatis-

17 August 1985
This journal is friends-locked because I still need someplace on the Internet where not everyone gets to see my thoughts. I am more open on Tumblr.

Writing Journal: alyxbradford; also archiving at AO3.
acting, adventures, aladdin, alderaan, analogies, aranothyium, astrology, auras, avalon, bellatrix black, broadway, cassandra of troy, cats, catullus, chaos, clairvoyance, comic books, daenerys targaryen, daydreaming, dean thomas's snail, disney princesses, drama, dreams, egypt, ellara, epic tales, etymology, fables, faeries, fairytales, fanfic, fantastical stories, fantasy, fatalism, fictionpress, fire, firefly/serenity, freedom, friends, gambit, getting into trouble, gold, gryphons, helga katrina sinclair, hogwarts, hurricanes, icon-making, indiana jones, jade, jasmine, joss whedon, julia quinn, kottabos, kushiel's legacy, latin, legends, lightning, literature, living room musicals, living room shakespeare, love, love polyhedrons, magic, malcolm reynolds, marguerite blakeney, marion ravenwood, metaphors, mists of avalon, moonlight, morgan le fay, mountains, musical theater, mystery, mythology, nandi, novels, obscure literary references, past lives, percy blakeney, performing, pictures, pimpernels and marguerites, plays, precognition, prince coroebus, prophecy, quidditch, quotes, raeglyth, reading, reincarnation, renaissance dances, renaissance faires, rogue, rohan, romance, romance novels, sarcasm, science fiction, shakespeare, singing, soulmates, star wars, starlight, storms of all kinds, sunsets, sunshine, symbolism, talsyra, tarot cards, the black rose, the cousins, the creative process, the faery realm, the house of black, the phoenix, the purple duck, the renaissance, the rohirrim, the scarlet pimpernel, the south, the weird stuff, theatre, thinking, thundersnow, thunderstorms, trojan war, truth, tudor england, wicked, wishing on stars, wit, words, writing, x-men, ysandre de la courcel


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